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Military Jobs: Welcome

Military Jobs require a lot of motivation and a daring spirit in you. Most Marines are into this field because they love to take up challenges, and are undaunted by constant mental and physical pressures. Military Jobs include marine artillery, land navigation, security patrols, digging fighting holes and quickly putting up cover netting over their trucks to conceal their positions.

Military Jobs are in fact naval infantry jobs, specifically fighting on ships and conducting amphibious assaults. Marines are a part of the Department of Navy, though not a part of the United States Navy. However, the working of the two services is very closely-knit. The United States Marine Corps is the second smallest unit of the five branches of the United States armed forces. They are adaptable to a wide array of combat operations.

Marines have a hard life. They sleep in the mud and rain for days. Sometimes they sleep in the hard and stiff decks of a M23 7-ton vehicle. They have a normal routine of lifting 16,000-pound gub many times in a day. They have to pack their gear and hook it on to their truck and move over to a new location on very short notices. Military Jobs are not comfortable ones.

An important part of Military Jobs is Marine artillery. Marines have to shoot, move and communicate, all perfectly and within a very short time. However, before moving, the new area needs scouting and preparation. An advance party goes to reconnoiter and secure the new position. Then they place marking posts and a line for the 7-tons to drive into their position and the firing starts as soon the trucks arrive. This exercise continues several times in a day and at night too.

Military Jobs are tailor-made for the adventurous who are ready to take up anything and everything at all times of the day and night. Marines are without doubt, an exclusive lot.


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